Photographic digital print on Acetate paper in light box, 30" X 40," 2012, exhibited at Queens Nails Projects

 Using the x-ray as a photographic format, A Map is Not a Territory #1 and #2 are two light boxes, each with the contours of two continents drawn one over the other. #1 confronts us with the familiar outline of Africa which is overlaid with the outline of Europe; while in #2 North America and South America lie over each other on an inky black background reminiscent of the colors of a medical x-ray, as if alluding to what is beneath the surface of the body, visible only through medical technology—as if these shadowy profiles were buried within the tissue or bone structure making us aware of the hidden reality beneath the flesh. The intermingled lines are recognizable immediately but propose that the identities to which they are anchored as symbols can be exchanged, intermixed, hybridized, but nevertheless exist by contrast one in relation to the other. The image reveals that within all so-called “first worlds” there are always “third worlds” or interchangeably the other way around. The ghost of colonialism is made visible as the historic preamble to the migration patterns that dominate our current globalized condition.