Ticket, 2016

'Exit Only’ is the Guantanamo Bay Museum of Art and History’s exit ticket  (http://www.guantanamobaymuseum.org/). There are of course no entry tickets to the Museum, as the entry fee involves both a high price and a cost-free admittance.  At the same time no visitor is able to leave the Museum without the "Exit Only" ticket. This exit ticket is valid only once per year: on March 9th.  The date marks the anniversary of the first official exit from Guantanamo, in 2004, of the Tipton Three, the three British citizens from Tipton (England) who were held for two years by the US government in extrajudicial detention. The piece meditates on the deferred temporality of a facility whose promise to be closed never arrives, except for those in possession of the ‘Exit Only’ ticket. As more visitors deliberately choose to enter in possession of this yearly ticket and with it to access and create an art critical space, the emergency measures of wartimes are gradually disabled.